Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Have Been Thinking...

The other night I had some wonderful couples over for a date night.  The women naturally gravitated towards the kitchen and lovely chit chat while the men gravitated towards a football game I graciously told my husband he could keep on low...  (Not that I tell him what to do...)

Since the women were in the kitchen, we started munching on some of the yummy snacks that were brought over.  Since we were munching-- talk started turning towards weight, body type, dieting, losing weight, exactly how much each woman felt she needed to lose...

Okay so this is what has been on my mind ever since.

All of the ladies that were in my home were so lovely.  I don't just say these things.  They were sincerely lovely and I would stop and stare if I saw them walking down the street.  I do that.

Not only that-- but let me say that these women are intelligent.  Not only are they book smart, but they are life experience smart.  They have some of the most beautiful lives because of challenges they are brave enough to overcome daily.  They have that glow about them that only comes to those who have faith.  They are lovely.  Like I said.

Yet here they were talking about weight.  Diet.  Perceived imperfections.  Yes, I am going to say perceived, because I just don't see it. 

I.  Just.  Don't.  See.  It.

I am a person who believes in acknowledging weaknesses.  I LOVE people who are constantly trying to improve themselves, their lives, and the lives of the people around them.  I am happiest when I am improving something, be it my soul, my home, my life, someone else's life, etc.

But there is just something about complaining about a lovely body shape that irks me. Especially when you pair that body shape with a lovely mind.  I mean, there is no comparison.

I believe that one of the first steps to overcoming this tendency is to learn to love many different body shapes. 

Because it is silly to just believe there is one lovely shape.



it's just lisa said...

I was talking to my husband about something similar just last night. I was telling him how strange I thought it was that a few of my friends are interested in getting botox and plastic surgery. These are women in healthy happy marriages, they have kids and responsibilities (not to mention they are in their late 20's!)... I can't understand why they would spend so much time and energy on looking a certain way when there are (in my mind) so many more important things in their lives.

I don't like thinking this way... I feel like I'm being self righteous. But I really don't understand it. Could it just be insecurities? My husband reminded me that it IS important to take care of one's body and physical appearance. I suppose it is up to each of us to find that line between healthy care for our bodies and obsession with our bodies.

it's just lisa said...

PS how are you feeling?? Do you have a good doctor helping you??

Chelsie said...

I forget that some people may not know me very well. (read "can't read my mind"). When they read this blog. I have struggled many years with anorexia and body image issues. I know it is hard. I didn't speak about that end of the spectrum in this post and probably ought to have taken the time.

Lisa- love you. Mayo Clinic appointment in December--- woot!

it's just lisa said...

I'll be praying that the Mayo Clinic appointment goes well.

Maybe someday you will have to do this post again with more of your history included.

Chelsie said...

Thanks Lisa. My goal will be to take more time with my posts and to be willing to make them more rounded.

Thank you dear friend!