Saturday, January 5, 2013


This is a messy post.  There have been times in my life where the people I was surrounded by wanted to break me and mold me into something like them. Those were darker times in my life.  Lately, my life is like the light made by lightning.  It is so bright.  It is so charged with sudden light and electricity.  It is beautiful.  I feel this way around the people God has placed in my life lately  I feel alive.  I worry it is as fleeting as lightning.  I am writing this post to remember who I am.  I...

There are some people in life you cannot escape.  There are obligations you are somehow given.  That can suck out your soul and leave you lifeless.  This post is for those times.

I am me
I am a person with ideas
I am a person willing to share my ideas with those who may differ
I am brave
I am capable
I have a brain that I use, often, therefore I have
an opinion
If I feel my opinion will help you I am unafraid to tell you
I am a person who asks questions if I don't understand
I am well versed in the scriptures after years of careful, intelligent study
I am unable to be bullied by others misinterpretation of the scriptures
I am not cowed when others assume things about me that are untrue
I am willing to admit when I am wrong
I am still learning
I am unwilling to be ignored
I am straightforward about what I want
I am not afraid of you
I am not afraid of showing what I am
I am willing to listen to and think about good advice
I am not offended when you are offended by me
I roll my eyes when you do something stupid
I am someone who craves honesty
I am someone who craves truth
I consciously stay away from situations where all those present consistently try to break who I am
I am concerned for your well being
I exist
even though that confuses you to no end.  Leave me be. Leave me be. 
But if you don't leave me be, I will find a way to still be I.  And that will be like lightning.  It is so dark where you are, but where I let myself be I-- it is like lightning. Try to break me.  Try to break the lightning in the darkness, and I will leave to light up with someone else.